News 06/24/2024

28.6.-7.7.2024 FILMFEST MUNICH

On Friday, 28 June, the 41st FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, the No. 1 platform for German filmmaking, begins.

From 28 June to 7 July, 150 films from 53 countries will celebrate their premieres in Munich – as usual in the presence of many guests. An absolute discovery festival for the audience as well as for the industry – and the FÜNF HÖFE are film festival partners for the fifth time this year.

Thematically, the 150 feature-length fiction and documentary films cover the entire spectrum of human and social life. Around 40% of the films are directed by women. All films are being shown in Germany for the first time. 62 productions are even celebrating their international, world or European premieres in Munich.  The multi-layered overall programme includes German co-productions with Canada, Argentina, Somalia and India.

You can find the complete film programme of the 41st FILMFEST MÜNCHEN here.

And here are the top 5 film recommendations from FÜNF HÖFE x FILMFEST MÜNCHEN:


by Sabine Boss, Nicolas Berse-Gilles, Germany 2024
with Anke Engelke, Bastian Pastewka, Michael Wittenborn, Fritzi Haberlandt, Serkan Kaya

Sun, 30.06.2024, 17:00 ASTOR ASTOR KINO
Mon, 01.07.2024, 15:00 HFF AUDIMAX

World premiere: The first series with and by Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka.

Maria and Ralf are stuck. In everyday life, at work and in love. In principle, the two singles would be pretty perfect for each other if it weren’t for one small problem: although they live in the same small town, they have never met.

Episodes 1-3 of the series are shown.


by Oliver Schwehm, Germany, Canada 2024

Tuesday, 02.07.2024, 17:30 CITY 1
Wednesday, 03.07.2024, 21:00 HFF AUDIMAX
Thursday, 04.07.2024, 21:15 CINEMA, MOON & STARS

On the road with the icons of hard rock. “Born to Be Wild” instantly made the band Steppenwolf famous worldwide. The song, inextricably linked to the cult film EASY RIDER, became the anthem of an entire generation. What is less well known is that singer John Kay and bassist Nick St Nicholas come from Germany. The documentary film traces their journey: from their war-torn homeland via the streets of Toronto to the musical Olympus.


By Tony Goldwyn, USA 2023 with Bobby Cannavale, William A. Fitzgerald, Robert De Niro, Rose Byrne, Whoopi Goldberg

Monday, 01.07.2024 19:00 CINEMA FILMTHEATER
Friday, 05.07.2024 21:15 CINEMA, MOON & STARS
Sunday, 07.07.2024 20:30 CITY 1

Max actually earns his money with jokes. But his own life is anything but funny. The stand-up comedian is struggling to bring up his autistic son Ezra. When the boy is sent to a special school and given medication, Max spontaneously takes him on a trip across the country – pursued by his ex-wife and his own father. Humorous trip with Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne and Robert De Niro.


By Marco Petry, Germany 2024 with Dennis Mojen, Janina Uhse, Anna Maria Mühe, Edin Hasanovic, Stephan Luca, Axel Stein

Wednesday, 03.07.2024 19:30 ASTOR ASTOR KINO
Friday, 05.07.2024 21:00 SENDLINGER TOR

When Pia’s clique gets together for a games night, it’s the perfect opportunity for her new boyfriend Jan to get to know everyone and show off his best side. But that’s easier said than done. Especially when Pia’s ex-boyfriend Matthias turns up, the competition threatens to escalate. Suddenly there’s a lot more at stake than just a few points. A good-humoured ensemble comedy about love, first impressions and bitter fights.


By Jannis Alexander Kiefer, Germany 2024 with Johannes Scheidweiler, Meike Droste, Monika Lennartz, Roland Bonjour, Gisa Flake, Alexander Schuster

Thursday, 04.07.2024, 18:00 SENDLINGER TOR
Friday, 05.07.2024, 16:00 CITY 2
Saturday, 06.07.2024, 14:30 HFF KINO 2

Wiesenwalde is actually dead and buried. But now there’s war, at least in front of the camera, as a major series is being filmed. At the same time, things are rumbling behind the scenes. While a power outage causes unrest, a journalist senses a big story and old hatchets are dug up, the are unearthed, the mayor is at odds with a tank that was forgotten in front of the town hall. A panorama of martial Hollywood dreams and bizarre everyday village life.