News 01/23/2023

Flower Power Festival

From 3 February to 7 October, the Flower Power Festival takes place all over Munich – also in the FÜNF HÖFE. For six months, everything revolves around the flower. Their aesthetics. Its sustainability. Its science. About nature in the city.  

Kunsthalle Munich: Flowers Forever. Flowers in Art and Culture 

From 3 February to 27 August, the Kunsthalle München presents a fascinating, thematically designed and elaborately staged course of paintings, sculptures, photographs, design, fashion, interactive media installations and natural science objects. More about this shortly here in the news. 

The FÜNF HÖFE in a floral frenzy

Until the beginning of October, the motto at FÜNF HÖFE is: We are in a floral frenzy. Artful. Inspiring. Stylish. Throughout the period, visitors to the FÜNF HÖFE can marvel at art installations. True to the philosophy “Flowers are life. Colours are life. Life is colourful”, the shops and activities in the FÜNF HÖFE focus on a different flower and a different colour every month. Let us surprise you!

May & June: “Hortusurbis” by Martin Blumöhr 

From May to September, Munich artist Martin Blumöhr will be creating a grotesque, enchanted city garden as part of the Flower Power Festival – on four individual canvases that will merge to form an overall picture. At three different locations in the city – in the FÜNF HÖFEN, in the Gasteig HP8 and in front of the Archäologische Staatssammlung – he not only lets the surroundings have an effect on him during his live painting action on a total of 17 days, but also makes reference to the individual institutions, the local location and historical events.

You can watch Martin Blumöhr at work in the FÜNF HÖFEN on the following dates in the Plaza: 17, 19 & 20, 25-27 May, 1-3, 7, 9 & 10 June.

6 August to 4 September: “Rose della Mente” by Helga Vockenhuber

The Austrian artist Helga Vockenhuber focuses in her work as a sculptor on central questions of the world religions, especially on man’s path to himself and to inner peace. For the Flower Power Festival, her oversized rose and lily sculptures cast in metal will be guests on our Plaza. The sculptures are part of the “Contemplation” series of works – a spiritual dialogue on the beauty and purity of blossoms. According to Helga Vockenhuber, the cosmos in the dissolute form of lilies and roses stands for our insatiable desire for harmony. About her work, the artist says: “I want to change people’s view of the world, which is God’s world, to enrich it in a spiritual sense.”

Further art installations and events are planned. We will keep you informed about the activities in the FÜNF HÖFEN on our website, on Facebook and Instagram.

You can find all actions and dates within the framework of the festival on the website