News 05/23/2024

Pop-up fashion exhibition at the Kunsthalle


A pop-up exhibition at the Kunsthalle Munich

In dialogue with the exhibition “Viktor&Rolf. Fashion Statements” students from the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode / Designschule München are currently showing exciting works from the fields of fashion and communication design in the foyer of the Kunsthalle München.


is an upcycling project by the School of Modelling.

So-called “white linen” – undergarments, table and bed textiles etc. – used to be part of every middle-class household. From today’s perspective, the discarded pieces conceal not only material resources, but also very special memories. By deconstructing and reconstructing donated white linen, nine exciting fashion models have been created, which you can view in detail in the foyer.


are typographic word pictures from the vocational school for communication design, inspired by the fashion statements on the creations of Viktor&Rolf, which can be seen in the Kunsthalle.

Viktor&Rolf repeatedly use writing in the form of short texts in their fashion creations, which lend the outfits an additional layer of meaning. These “fashion statements” were taken up by the students and typographically reinterpreted as word images. Using deliberately selected or newly created letter forms, they created an aesthetic effect that does not always harmonise with the objective text content. Playing with the typeface creates a tension that often adds a new level of meaning to the texts.

The exhibition in the foyer of the Kunsthalle is accessible free of charge during the opening hours of the Kunsthalle München (Monday to Sunday 10 am to 8 pm). The designs are expected to be on display until 23 June 2024.