News 05/10/2024

EINS-SETZEN! Exhibition in our MAGAZIN

The MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK 2024 will take place from 11 to 18 May – also in the FÜNF HÖFE.

The motto of MCBW 2024: “How to co-create with nature”.

In keeping with this, our MAGAZIN store is showing the exhibition EINS-SETZEN! on its EINSER chair in the Prannerpassage.

Honest, likeable, imaginative: the EINSER is MAGAZIN’s first own chair in its programme. It epitomises everything that MAGAZIN stands for. This is because its development focussed on design and form as much as its function and ecological footprint.

EINSER was born out of the idea of offering an independent, high-quality and pragmatic chair that considers the origin of the raw materials, the manufacturing process, all transport routes and, finally, its disposal after many years of use from the outset. The result is a chair full of character that stands out with its unconventional detailed solutions and straightforward design.

EINS-SETZEN! From 11 to 18 May, daily except Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

With its exhibition EINS-SETZEN! – like in school: „VERY GOOD – SIT DOWN“ („Eins“ = „One“ is the best grade) –, MAGAZIN is showing, as an example and representative of the entire range of its self-developed products, how the internal product development team combines idea, design, choice of materials, construction and production step by step to create a genuine MAGAZIN product. Durable, beautifully designed, well thought out and well made.