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Friendly Hunting Munich

The cashmere manufacturer Friendly Hunting stands for finest cashmere quality and authentic craftsmanship in weaving and knitting. All pieces of the women’s fashion collections are handmade in special manufactories in Nepal and receive their unmistakable expression through innovative techniques and hand-placed, beautiful prints in soft and trendy colours. Friendly Hunting products are available in the Friendly Hunting store Munich, run by Steffi Moess at CityQuartier FÜNF HÖFE.

Friendly Hunting Munich – Cashmere products with that certain something

The special mix at Friendly Hunting Munich – fashion, home and beauty products – combines sophistication and elegance with that certain something that makes Friendly Hunting stand out. The basis of most garments and accessories is cashmere, but you will also find beautiful dresses, trousers and scarves made of silk.

Pure cashmere is a natural fibre with an extremely supple feel. It is obtained from the soft, silky undercoat of a species of goat from the Kashmir region in northern India – and now also in Nepal, Mongolia, China, Pakistan and Iran. A goat “produces” only 250 grams of cashmere per year. Due to the elaborate combing out of the fibre and the rarity of the material, pure cashmere products are absolute luxury goods.

The high standard set by the Friendly Hunting label corresponds exactly to that of the CityQuartier FÜNF HÖFE, where Friendly Hunting Munich has a precious flagship store. The holistic approach of the brand and the high quality of the products speak for themselves. Friendly Hunting Munich is looking forward to welcoming you into its world. Namasté!

Namasté – a commitment to awareness and fairness

The founders behind the Friendly Hunting brand are Christian and Michaela Goldmann. This entrepreneurial couple is committed to sustainable action, with the well-being of future generations in mind. With their long-term commitment, they support the education and development of Nepalese orphans at the Amazing Namasté orphanage. For this purpose, they founded the non-profit organisation Namasté e.V. in 2008. Namasté is a Hindu greeting that acknowledges the divine light in each of us and the fact that we are all connected at all times. A positive approach to life is at the heart of Friendly Hunting’s philosophy, a family business with traditional family values. The philosophy that stands above all else: Friendly Hunting is eco-, human- and animal-friendly and produces fashion “for people with positive attitude”.

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