Vilebrequin - Bademode 2024 Vilebrequin - Bademode 2024 Vilebrequin - Bademode 2024 Vilebrequin - Bademode 2024

News 04/15/2024

New opening: French swimwear from Vilebrequin

A little Saint-Tropez feeling is finally moving into the FÜNF HÖFE with Vilebrequin. The French shop for high-quality swimwear moved into Manuela Fumagalli’s former shop in Perusahof on 15 April, between Bric’s and Sévigné.

Swimming trunks, bikinis and more

For over 50 years, Vilebrequin has spent every summer refining the art of beach life – always with a sense of playful optimism. The secret to the brand’s longevity? Never losing sight of the carefree freedom of Saint-Tropez in 1971, where the swimwear history of Vilebrequin began.

The original luxury swimsuit has remained unrivalled since its creation, enchanting generations of holidaymakers with its incomparable blend of humour and elegance. Vilebrequin dives into the future, focussing on the production of high-quality, long-lasting swimwear. Swimwear that can be worn, re-worn, repaired and passed on.

Vilebrequin at FÜNF HÖFE

Discover the swimwear trends for summer 2024, shop for the whole family and get first-class advice. The Vilebrequin team at FÜNF HÖFE is looking forward to your visit!

Find out more about the swimwear brand here.