Star appeal at SÉVIGNÉ jewellery in Munich

The name SÉVIGNÉ has been a symbol of luxury handmade jewellery in Munich for more than 40 years. The brand was founded in the wild seventies by two high-calibre artists – Renate Schrems and Robert Fink.

Their vision was to create extravagant jewellery that did not conform to the then typically staid and dusty image of classic luxury jewellery. Their jewellery was to have “star appeal” and tell stories of their travels from all over the world.

Jewellery art from Munich

Jonas Fink, Robert’s son and also an excellent goldsmith, took over the management of SÉVIGNÉ in 2013. Since then, he has been in charge of the company’s history and has added his own new visions to the luxury jeweller’s DNA.

After taking over the entire company in 2021, he realised his dream with the opening of the flagship store on Brienner Straße: all of the company’s collections and particularly luxurious couture pieces are presented here. During a guided tour, customers can experience first-hand how the characteristic SÉVIGNÉ jewellery is made by hand in the heart of Munich.


SÉVIGNÉ is and remains a family business that produces unique jewellery worldwide with a great team of goldsmiths and carries on the philosophy of its founders.

The SÉVIGNÉ store in the FÜNF HÖFE is often humorously and artistically decorated. The small, exquisite boutique stocks the TALISMAN collection, which has become famous thanks to the Madonna jewellery pieces it has been producing for 30 years. In addition, delicate and filigree pieces of jewellery from the PLUSH and LOVE collections are on display here.

You will find the Store in the Perusahof right next to the Kunsthalle.

Other jewellery designers at FÜNF HÖFE are CADA, Geträumte Taten and Niessing.


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